Mon, April 23, 2018

Teach Like Jesus

This is a storytelling series designed more for “big church” than youth ministry. The message each week is developed around a story found on (and included in the download). The messages progress from being someone in need of restoration to becoming a child of God to realizing the power that you have in Christ and finally focusing on how we are to live lives of sacrifice for others. All of the scripture comes from Ephesians.


Teach Like Jesus Zip File

  • Teach Like Jesus .pdf
  • PowerPoint outlines for each week
  • additional readings and creative elements


  • Story: The Rocking Chair
  • Scripture: Ephesians 2:1-10
  • Idea: No matter how messed up your life is God offers healing and restoration. He created you and is willing and able to restore you.


  • Story: A Child of the King
  • Scripture: Ephesians 3:3-14
  • Idea: Once you are in Christ you become royalty. You are not who you were anymore you have been bought with a great price you are a child of the King.


  • Story: Angela’s Day at the Beach
  • Scripture: Ephesians 1:18-21
  • Idea: Sometimes it is hard for us to see beyond our situation and truly grasp what God’s abundant life is really all about.


  • Story: Michael’s Gift
  • Scripture: Ephesians 5:1-2
  • Idea: Following God requires sacrifice. Since we have been bought with a great price we should be willing to give God more than our leftovers.

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About Me

I don't have all of the answers and some weeks it feels like I don't have any of the answers. I forget students names sometimes and say stupid things that hurt their feelings. I often find a good word picture or object lesson and build the lesson off of that instead of the other way around. I have put the finishing touches on a Wednesday night Bible study on Wednesday more times than I can count. I don't always pray as much as I should and I never study as much as I should. I try every new youth ministry model that comes from the "experts" and I have had at least 3 mission statements over the past 5 years.

But I love students ministry. I love watching teenagers as they serve God. I love to see them worship and forget about themselves for a while. I love seeing someone wake up to the love of God if only for a little while. I love to see them out serving their community and sharing the love of Christ with others. I love to be a part of their lives and I love seeing the world through their eyes. Like I said, I'm an average youth pastor.


For over 10 years now I have been trying to add creative ideas for use in the local church. In the early days was just a place to publish some scripts, but it has become a collection of creative ministry resources for youth ministry and worship.

I began writing a blog more to process my own thoughts more than anything else. As I started writing the comments that I got back from people amazed me. As I was honest with my struggles most of them would write and say “Thank you.” “It is just nice to know someone else struggles with these same things,” was a common response.

So this has become a place where I share the struggles and successes of being in youth ministry. I hope that you find something that God can use in your life and ministry.