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Minecraft Bible Study Update

I am re-teaching Faithcraft at our church so while I am doing that I am redoing the videos and such and making them a little more useful for you guys. I am adding 2 more weeks and changing the order of the weeks a bit. I am also making 3 video devotions for each week […]

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Make Your Own Foam Party

Over the years I have come up with many different youth ideas. Most of them are epic, I mean, epic ideas, but when I start to think about all of the stuff that it takes to make them come to reality I realize that they probably aren’t the best use of my time. At my […]

Gross-Weird-True Complete Series

Youth Group Lesson Plan: Gross, Weird, True

Download Gross, Weird, True Complete (ZIP) Download Gross, Weird, True Non-Editable (ZIP) (Does not include Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign files) Download Gross, Weird, True Lessons (PDF)  Gross, Weird, True is a 4-week youth group Bible study that looks at some of the strange stories and commands in the Bible. It includes instructions on how to incorporate […]



Registering Your Religion

The State Department released their International Religious Freedom Report to document the state of religious freedom around the world. There is some pretty haunting stuff in there about abuses of governments because of religio...
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This is Scary (Religious Freedom is in Trouble)

One of the most troubling things about religious liberty that I have seen lately is this story coming out of France.  David Lisnard [the mayor of Cannes, France] recently issued a decree about what people ought to wear on ...
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Youth Group Communication

I have been in youth ministry for nearly 20 years so I have tried all sorts of communication efforts. I can remember at my first job calling the entire youth list to see if they were going to an event we were holding. Of course...
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Then it’s on me too.

There is this place in the movie Rounders where Worm is in lots of debt so Mike goes with him to talk to the guy who loaned him the money. Before they go in Mike says “let me do the talking” and throughout most of t...
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Talking to Kids about Politics

Engaging in the political discussion and taking advantage of our privileged to vote is important for Christians. We need to add our voice to the discussion and since as Christians we know God who is the ultimate answer to the p...
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